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It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Catlin Arctic Survey to Blogactiv. The Catlin Arctic Survey is a pioneering scientific expedition to determine the lifespan of the North Pole ice cap. The Arctic Survey combines a pioneering feat of human endurance with scientific discovery on a geographic scale most would think impossible in… » read more

Posted by Stuart Langridge

For the last 20 years humanity has been trying, without success, to reverse the relentless trend towards rising greenhouse gases, essentially C02. It has taken almost 10 years from the negotiation to the entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol, the first international agreement aiming at reducing such emissions. For the past two years, the… » read more

Posted by Eberhard Rhein

Welcome to the Blogactiv Copenhagen Climate Conference blog! This collaborative space is designed to address the issue of climate change within the scope of the Copenhagen Conference in December 2009. We at Blogactiv are actively recruiting high level thinkers and influencers in the spheres of sustainability, climate change, environment – and the many other issues… » read more

Posted by Stuart Langridge