Copenhagen Climate Conference

Welcome to the Blogactiv Copenhagen Climate Conference blog! This collaborative space is designed to address the issue of climate change within the scope of the Copenhagen Conference in December 2009.

We at Blogactiv are actively recruiting high level thinkers and influencers in the spheres of sustainability, climate change, environment – and the many other issues that are encompassed – to make occassional but regular contributions. Our aim is to build a ‘one-stop-shop’ where internet surfers – and experts – can find many policy positions explained and discussed.

We hope that this online space will soon include national politicians, Members of the European Parliament, NGO lobbyists, scientists, researchers, academics, business leaders and other key thinkers, influencers and negotiators.

We can tell from the analysis of website traffic and discussions with contacts, that Blogactiv has a regular readership within the Brussels based European institutions and amongst the politically active across Europe. Thus, we hope that we can bring important information into the vision of decision makers across Europe and around the world.

Should you wish to comment on any post you see and be involved in the discussion here, please do so. Climate change impacts us all and as such, every thought, opinion or criticism of a position is both welcome and valid.

Stuart Langridge

Director of Blogactiv

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  1. Congrats to blogactiv

    I’m just curious why the super nations like the US and China don’t want to join the cause of The Kyoto or the Copenhagen, do their people know what they are doing and will they contribute something for the good of the world and if something do happen whether good or bad, will they accept the responsibility?

  2. it has nothing to do if what you are doing gives a good or bad consequences but we are given a choice to maybe make things right for all, again if these choice do make things right we will be judge then again if our choice goes the other way around we will also be judge.

    I ts what our choices that make things for our future let’s not waste it.

    Go Kyoto! Go Copenhagen!

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