Copenhagen Climate Conference

This very interesting article about annual CO2 emissions has been forwarded to us by Gema San Bruno, Secretary General of European Small Hydropower Association. The article suggests that in 2008 carbon emissions fell because of high prices of fuels and the credit crisis. Read the full article here.

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    The Australian government must commit to reduce carbon emissions by 40% at Copenhagen to prevent the devasting effects we are already beginning to experience as a result of global warming. Russia has retified, Australia must ratify! It is not too late to slow global warming and avoid climate castrophe that scientists predict. Governments, Corporations and individuals must begin now to phase in clean renewables and phase out fossil fuels.

    Angie Ahsam

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    1. Bring together space trash (thousands of tones of satellites and other men-made materials not in use anymore that are polluting Space) and form a “blanket” as compact as possible.
    2. Move this “blanket” of space trash at the level and location necessary to shade the earth from the sun rays.
    3. Enjoy the fact that you are recycling the space trash that also endanger the current in-use satellites.
    4. Enjoy the cooler weather.

    Filip Avadic

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