Copenhagen Climate Conference

In contrast to yesterday, getting in to the event was a gentle glide this morning. The police had actually closed the nearest Metro station, meaning that it was a glide of around a kilometer in the driving snow, but still great ‘in comparison’.

For the EurActiv / Blogactiv team, today has been a busy day of side events and interviews.

The event is very much split between those involved in the negotiations and everyone else. In many ways, today has been a climate change jamboree, with representation from all walks of life and many different organisations. To prove that there are ‘all walks of life here’ Robert Mugabe is addressing the assembly as I write.

The atmosphere is changing though as I write. It is now past 5pm and the NGO exhibitors and negotiators are packing up their stands and heading home. The access for NGOs will be virtually zero tomorrow, meaning that the negotiations will be left to the realpolitik of heads of government and not the requirements of science.

Our sources – video interviews will be forthcoming asap – tell us that the negotiations are stalled for now. This may change, but the sticking points involve financing, China and oversight – so no real surprise there then.

The negotiations seem to follow an unusual format – at least for a novice like me! The politicians seem to spend part of their day talking to the press, guest speaking in side events and – one presumes – in negotiations. But then according to the word here, the real negotiating is ongoing through the night. We have spoken to one MEP that finished his session at 3.30am, but was back in the building to start again at 7am!

I am sat typing in the busy press centre. Apparently the accreditation stopped at 3,500 journalists and right now, it appears that they are ALL in the room with me. To get a feel for the scale of the Media Centre, take a look at the following video:

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We spent the morning between two separate side events. Firstly, the Committee of the Regions had a session where they discussed the impact that can be had by mobilising regions and cities. There were some very interesting ideas and intiatives discussed including the need for national and local government to communicate that we all need to make changes in our lifestyle.

The second was a fascinating discussion held by the Club de Madrid. They discussed the requirements for the private sector to be more involved in financing the new technologies required for a low carbon world.

I have written about each separately – please follow the links below to read these posts:

Copenhagen Side Event: The Committee of the Regions
Copenhagen Side Event: The Club of Madrid

I followed this up with some very interesting interviews, which will be published as videos, with some in the NGO sector. This included a representative from the tiny islands of Tuvalu – the current ‘waters edge’ of climate change. If we cannot make agreements for us, we need to make agreements for them.

Oh, and there is apparently a lock-down on entry and exit after a small riot in protest. But you wouldn’t know we were under attack from in here.

For now, it is back to the business of speaking to people and trying to figure out what on earth is going on here – and where it is!

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    FOLKS… all this is is about CONTROL! It has NOTHING to do with “GLOBAL WARMING”. Al Gore is making MILLIONS off of this, read all you can BEFORE it is too late. THE “SUN”, yes that ball of fire in the sky… “THAT” is what has and shall ALWAYS affect “global warming/cooling” ! Don’t be duped into the LIES these nations “LEADERS” have been spewing out. THE RICH SHALL GET RICHER… THE POOR WILL GET….(well you know). Always ask… “WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS”… YOU’LL HAVE ANSWERS AND PROBABLY “MORE QUESTIONS”, BUT ONE THING FOR CERTAIN, YOU’LL “NOW” BEGIN TO AWAKEN TO THE ” LIE” THAT IS GLOBAL WARMING…OH, BY THE WAY NOW THAT EVIDENCE IS “PROVING” IT IS A LIE, THEY ARE CHANGING IT TO “CLIMATE CHANGE….” DUH… LIKE SUMMER, FALL, WINTER AND… YOU GOT IT, ” SPRING”!

  2. Hey Ozzyman,

    I think a more rich people benefit from keeping things are they are, than changing.

    But Let say you are right, and almost all the people in the world wrong, Id be happy. But let say your wrong, and we are causing climate change, and we screw up the world. There is no bailout. THere is no going back. Pretty bad bet if you ask me.

    By the way everyone will suffer, but those who are poor much more than the rich.

  3. Thanks Ozzyman. I’m not sure that many here in Copenhagen would agree with you, in fact most would think you a nut. But your opinion is always welcome.

    I must ask though, for the record, why complain about censorship in “in this “free” nation”? The above post was written by a Brit, in Denmark on a Belgian based platform – and you are in America…

  4. this is just another (big) brick in the Wall of global socialism.

    Trillions of dollars, billions of tons of bombs, millions of deaths/political prisoners, thousands of CCTV cameras, hundreds of tyrants, dozens of ‘false” flag events to justify the global socialist hitech surveillance prison, and few real political opponents of it all.

    Scaring people into surrendering whatever freedoms they have(left) and deferring authority and responsibility to the State and its Leaders and “experts” for “bread” and ‘circuses”(now “security”)is a time honored tradition of Elites afflicted with the rampant disease: megalomania.

    The bipartisan socialist American Empire is nearing its iceberg……look what happened to the collapse of the socialist Empires of the last century……chaos and indebtedness….. what kind of tyranny will we Americans get to “enjoy” when the currency collapses, food is scarce and martial law is “temporarily” imposed???

    The cry of “tolerance” and “mainstream” and “bipartisan” as it applies to the latests scare will result in the utter socialization of America and the end of our soveriegnty.

    thanks for the “hope” and “change”…..

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