Copenhagen Climate Conference

It is just past 21.00 in the Bella Center, Copenhagen, and progress for a workable climate deal seems limited so far.

Unofficially, I am told that the delegation from Costa Rica has gone to dinner because they don’t think there is much going on.

There is a rumour that the Russian delegation, including Medvedev has already left for home. How can a global deal work without Russia?

Apparently, the EU doesn’t like the deal currently on the table at all: it has no dates and no targets!

President Obama has just met with the EU delegation – I know because I managed about four seconds of filming as he passed by. When asked if he was hopeful of a deal, he replied with, “I’m always hopeful!” Well thats ok then…

He apparently left Brown and Sarkozy in the room by a backdoor to avoid the hundreds of us that had gathered.

Is humanity doomed without a deal tonight?

Perhaps, but on the plus side, I did get President Obama on camera for about 4 seconds!!

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