Copenhagen Climate Conference

The Bella Center has just been brought to a virtual standstill by three events.

After all the speeches and posturing by heads of government from around the world, three took to the floor one after another. They were from China, Brazil and the United States. (Oddly, after such powerful company, they were followed by the leader from Lesotho…)

As this happened, crowds formed around every TV set – of which there are a lot – and the venue fell almost silent, a rather amazing feat given the sheer volume of people in the building.

Lula strode to the lecturn and slapped hands with Hugo Chavez. Lula swaggered like the High Representative for dozens of nations – and then his address positioned him as just that!

Lula explained that Brazil is willing to go beyond his previous positions and commit to further reductions in CO2. He also explained that Brazil does not require funding, it can meet it’s commitments from it’s own resources. He ended to a small round of applause in the media room.

Obama took to floor causing silence all around. The Bella Center has waited two weeks to see leadership – both literally and figuratively – from the United States. In recent days Al Gore, John Kerry and – yesterday – Hilary Rodham Clinton have advanced the American position. We all felt that there was more to come from Obama, but in reality, he simply restated their previous positions. Still, he told the plenary that America is “here to act”, something which many had doubted until now.

No applause for President Obama.

Let the real games begin.

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