Copenhagen Climate Conference

It is 23.40 in the Bella Center at the UN Copenhagen Climate Conference and American President Barak Obama has just announced the basis of a deal.

He did this while the European press corps was waiting over an hour for an EU press conference…

The EU press conference didn’t happen!

At this early stage, the deal isn’t actually real. Until the plenary meets – later tonight one presumes – it is not formally agreed. Either way, the President described it as “not legally binding”.

The deal does not – apparently – go as far as we need or as science demands. Does this guarantee ‘the end’ for low-lying island nations such as The Maldives and Tuvalu? Their position has been that limiting temperature increases to 2 degrees guarantees their doom. They need to see a deal aimed at limiting average temperature increases to 1.5 degrees. But it seems that this deal does not even go as far as would be required for 2 degrees.

After all this effort, is this good enough?

See you in Mexico???

For now, this correspondent is going to bed…

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  1. Dear Stuart,

    Hope you had a good sleep, you certainly earned it.

    If you pick up anything more on the fate of the
    low-lying islands question, Maldives particularly,
    could you let me know?

    I’ll be in the Indian Ocean region February-March
    and I’m very concerned about the low-lying islands
    question. My fear is that it got lost in the final panic.

    Along with so very much else.

    Hang in there.

    Dr Frank Peel
    former Deputy Director General
    World Wildlife Fund

    Naples Florida
    Geneva Switzerland

  2. Dr Peel,

    Thanks for your comment.

    The latest I heard was that there was significant opposition to this deal, hardly a surprise. And that there were many small nations formally opposed including Tuvalu and Mauritius.

    Hopefully, later today, my video interviews with the President of an NGO focused on highlighting the Tuvalu issues will be uploaded. He was a kind and very polite Japanese man – Suuichi Endou.

    If anyone reading this has access to funds, he told me that his Tuvalu Overview project is always in need of funding…

    Best wishes,


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