Copenhagen Climate Conference

Kumi Naidoo (tcktcktck and also Executive Director of Greenpeace International) explained to Blogactiv the outcome that Greenpeace and tcktcktck are hoping for from the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

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This interview was conducted on Thursday 17th December 2009 by Stuart Langridge. Blogactiv would like to thank Victor Arango from Club de Madrid for his assistance in arranging this interview.

General TckTckTck Messaging on the Arrival of World Leaders in Copenhagen:

It is difficult to overstate the importance of this historic moment. Leaders have two simple choices over the next two days:

Either put the world on the path towards a safer, cleaner planet for future generations


Betray this generation and the ones that follow by setting the world by charting a path that is unsustainable and dangerous.

In other words, here in Copenhagen they will create a legacy of action or one of shame.

It is time for leaders to break the impasse in the negotiations and step forward to confront the historic challenge that is climate change. Step up and make Copenhagen the success it can be. Step up and strike a treaty that will help create the conditions for a cleaner climate future and a safe planet.

Most of all: Step up and meet your political, your environmental and your moral obligations as world leaders.

Climate change will continue to hurt the world’s poorest disproportionately, but make no mistake not even the developed nations are immune to effects of climate change. Make no mistake that the costs of inaction are great.

We stand before you today to issue a call to those leaders who have consistently acknowledged the science of climate change and described it as the most serious threat of our times, yet are holding back at these negotiations and are not demonstrating the leadership their people and the people of the planet need at this critical moment.

History will be written in the next 24 hours. We urge world leaders to honor the offices which they hold, to be on the correct side of history and to serve the generations that will follow with a fair, ambitious and binding climate change treaty here in Copenhagen.

TckTckTck Campaign:
The TckTckTck ( campaign is the public face of the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA). It is an international mobilization which brings together an unprecedented alliance of faith groups, non-governmental organizations, trade unions and individuals at this crucial time to call for a new international climate change treaty at the UN Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen, Denmark in December 2009. TckTckTck is amassing the voices of people across the globe to call for a fair, ambitious and binding international agreement that reflects the latest science on climate change. TckTckTck is organizing around major international political meetings and other relevant events to demonstrate the resounding call from citizens around the world for Heads of State to attend the negotiations in Copenhagen and to give them the courage to produce a fair, ambitious and binding agreement.

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