Copenhagen Climate Conference

Today is World Water Day.

I had the honour of being involved in the 3rd Annual Conference of the European Water Association in November and the European Water Partnership AGM last summer. Something that I didn’t realise, but really do now, is the speed at which humanity is heading for a full-on water crisis.

This article by the BBC will explain some of the background. But I can clearly remember being told when I was at COP 15 that many cities will be dry in a few years. Las Vegas was their example, and it will, apparently have used all of it’s water sources within the next 7 years unless a solution is found.

It is becoming more and more obvious that we need to control our demand if water is to remain available. I don’t have the answers, I wish I did. But a greater understanding is a start.

There are 2 questions which we all need to start asking before it is too late:

Where do I waste water?

How can I reduce that waste?

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