Copenhagen Climate Conference


Welcome to the Blogactiv Copenhagen Climate Conference blog! This collaborative space is designed to address the issue of climate change within the scope of the Copenhagen Conference in December 2009.

We at Blogactiv are actively recruiting high level thinkers and influencers in the spheres of sustainability, climate change, environment – and the many other issues that are encompassed – to make occassional but regular contributions. Our aim is to build a ‘one-stop-shop’ where internet surfers – and experts – can find many policy positions explained and discussed.

Below – in alphabetical order – is a list of those people contributing, a few details about them and their experience, and – where applicable – a link through to their online presence.


Catlin Arctic Survey – CAS is a pioneering scientific expedition to determine the lifespan of the North Pole ice cap. Pen Hadow, Ann Daniels and Martin Hartley are set to leave on for the expedition mid February, with the plan to take the results to the UN Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen.

Eberhard Rhein – Eberhard Rhein has devoted most of his life to European and global issues. During the 1980s and 1990s, he served successively as chef de cabinet to the Commission VP in charge of external relations and director responsible for the Mediterranean and Arab world.

Niels Jørgen Thøgersen – Niels Jørgen Thøgersen is a specialist in communications 2.0 Former director of communications in the European Commission. Now Goodwill Ambassador for Copenhagen. And especially working on European affairs, modern communication, and media relations.

Robert Arendal – Robert Arendal is a Danish environmental specialist living in Luxembourg. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador to Copenhagen.


If you want to get involved in the debate, you can either contact us or use the following form.

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