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This post has been written for Blogactiv by Monica Frassoni, Spokesperson for the European Green Party. It was 2001, and among the 15 government representatives of the EU governments there were 5 green ministers; the Environment Commissioner was Margot Wallstrom, a Swedish and quite motivated lady. We were fully in the Bush era and Kyoto… » read more

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Copenhagen Endgame

In two months, just before Christmas, three years of cumbersome climate negotiations will have come to an end. Nobody expects a turning point, reversing the inexorable accumulation of green house gases in the atmosphere. Barring miracles, there is no hope for green house gas emissions to stabilise, let alone to decline in the coming 20… » read more

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The following has been submitted to Blogactiv by Eberhard Rhein. After the meeting of the 17 major emitter countries in London October 18-19 it becomes possible to venture prognostics on the results of the Copenhagen Climate Conference due to start in 50 days. The parties will not sign a comprehensive new climate treaty, as many… » read more

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The following has been submitted to Blogactiv by ACCA. Concerning the debate on climate change in the context of the upcoming Copenhagen Conference, ACCA ( the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) would like to share 6 top line messages: 1. Recent projections from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warn that that unless action… » read more

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The following post has been sent to Blogactiv by Veena Hudson, Head of Public Affairs, ACCA. The typical accounting professional has a pivotal position within an organisation and is well qualified to make a vital contribution toward climate policy and its implementation. Although some influential political leaders appear to have woken up to the enormity… » read more

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The following article has been sent to Blogactiv by Jo Leinen MEP, Chairman of the Committee on the Environment in the European Parliament. At present, the world faces two major global crises: The first one is the financial and economic crisis, which has strongly influenced policy-makers and governments in their work over the last one… » read more

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This very interesting article about annual CO2 emissions has been forwarded to us by Gema San Bruno, Secretary General of European Small Hydropower Association. The article suggests that in 2008 carbon emissions fell because of high prices of fuels and the credit crisis. Read the full article here.

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The following article about climate change has been written for Blogactiv by David Bennetts a Chartered Meteorologist from the United Kingdom. A critical question I have been asking is ‘Why are politicians not solving the climate change issues quickly enough’. It is true that they are beginning to get to grips with the issues now… » read more

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The announcement, June 10, by the Japanese Prime minister to reduce Japan’s C02 emissions by a mere 8 percent until 2020 over the 1990 baseline has been the final straw to the preparatory climate meeting in Bonn. One day later, Yvo de Boer, the UN Climate Chief, felt obliged to admit that it would be… » read more

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This article is pertinent to the Bonn climate change negotiations taking place at this very moment and for the rest of the week. Authors are Benjamin Mkapa, Member of the Club of Madrid and Former President Tanzania, and Alexander Likhotal, Executive Vice-President of the Gorbachev Foundation of North America (GFNA) and President of Green Cross… » read more

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