Copenhagen Climate Conference

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Over 2000 scientists attended the Climate Change Congress in Copenhagen on March 10th to 12th this year. After 3 days of numerous keynote speeches and presentation as well as 58 parallel sessions, the event closed with the understanding that urgent action is needed – now. The leading scientists at the congress shall issue an Executive… » read more

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My attention has just been drawn to a post by one of our other environmental bloggers. Essentially, there will be an emergency meeting in Copenhagen in March to warn politicians to act much more quickly and decisively. The Guardian in the United Kingdom reports here: Scientists plan emergency summit on climate change | Environment |… » read more

Posted by Stuart Langridge

In less than ten months all countries of the world will meet in Copenhagen to discuss and hopefully decide on the next steps in fighting climate change. Many problems have do be addressed and solved before that. The Danish presidency for COP15 is very busy on that. So are the EU and many other players.… » read more

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It is with great pleasure that I introduce the Catlin Arctic Survey to Blogactiv. The Catlin Arctic Survey is a pioneering scientific expedition to determine the lifespan of the North Pole ice cap. The Arctic Survey combines a pioneering feat of human endurance with scientific discovery on a geographic scale most would think impossible in… » read more

Posted by Stuart Langridge